1. Business Studies
    2. Economics
    3. Geography
    4. History
    5. Religious Studies
    6. Computer Studies
    1. Further Mathematics
    2. General Mathematics
    1. Chemistry
    2. Physics
    3. Biology
    4. Agricultural Science
    1. Arts and Design
    2. Home Economics
    3. Food and Nutrition
    4. Music
    5. Physical Education
    6. Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
    1. English Language
    2. English Literature
    3. French Language
    4. Portuguese
    5. Spanish
    6. Chinese
    7. Hausa
    8. Igbo
    9. Yoruba

School trips are important to children’s education as they extend the students horizon and give exposure.
AtĀ Rochas Foundation College of Africa, our students are exposed to fresh challenges, experiences and enviroments to help them develop new skills, confidence and self awareness.

Different clubs, example young farmers club, scout, and societies example debating society etc. are available to equip the students.


Rochas Foundation College students have shown remarkable distinction in cowbell Mathematics Competitions, Shell-NNPC cup tournaments, Alliance Francais competitions and other activities.

Recently, after the 2012 West African Examination CouncilĀ (WAEC), two students from the Rochas Foundation College Kano; Queen Daniel and Azezat Rabiu were selected as WAEC ambassadors due to their exceptional performance in the examinations and were used for WAEC advert billboards nationwide.

The Rochas Foundation Football Academy is another sunrise programme where the students of the foundation have performed distinctively. Young Ritdik Gopanyil, a student of Rochas Foundation College Jos, was chosen alongside 49 other Under 13 players, accomodated in adapted facilities where they received a four-day training by famous international coaches under the World Class Aspire Football Academy, England.